Warehouse Space Management: 5 Ways to Optimise Capacity

Having a warehouse that uses available space efficiently is vital for maximising productivity and growing your business. When planning your warehouse space management, small changes can help you to save on rent by storing more in the space you have.

If you are a warehouse owner or manager seeking to enhance your warehouse space and increase profit, read on for the 5 top tips from Rack Storage Solutions.

1. Calculate your warehouse space utilisation

Getting clear on how much space you use when warehouse capacity planning can help identify inefficiencies. From here you can create a logical sequence that boosts productivity and determine the next steps.

  • Start by multiplying the square footage of usable storage space (disregarding office space, toilets and non-usable space) by the height of your warehouse to work out your total warehouse space size.
  • To work out your actual storage cube size, multiply the total capacity of each rack by total number. This is your storage capacity, based on your current setup.
  • Divide your current storage capacity by your total warehouse size in cubic feet and multiply by 100. The number you get is your potential storage area. Between 22-27% is optimal so there is room for picking, loading and unloading efficiently; lower than 22% means improvements could be made.

2. Reduce aisle width when warehouse capacity planning

If you have identified that your storage area isn’t being utilised to its full capacity, an easy step to boost warehouse storage space is to reduce aisle width.

Decreasing aisle width to between 5-8 feet within the racking area can save up to 20% on space. Calculate how much space is needed for forklifts and compare this to your current aisle space. However, consider the expense of wire guidance in a very narrow
aisle situation.

3. Increase vertical storage in your warehouse space

An easy way to increase your warehouse storage capacity is through using the vertical space. Using your calculations, look at your warehouse height and analyse how well your racking system is working. Can any lower-selling inventory be moved higher to free up space for best-sellers?

Check to see if a new warehouse storage system may be more efficient, keeping in mind how the business might develop in the future. Or can you add to your current system?

Consulting a structural engineer can help prevent any pitfalls of base plates or racking uprights being the wrong size.

Adding mezzanine flooring and walkways can maximise inventory storage, particularly in warehouse spaces where picking and order preparation tasks are involved. Make sure you comply with building safety regulations.

4. Place your beams strategically

When looking at your warehouse space management, make sure your beam heights are working optimally for you. Sometimes when products are reassigned to different places, the container is no longer an ideal fit.

Resetting your beam heights to allow for only the minimum required space between the product and bottom of the rack beam can create extra storage capacity.

If you have a lot of extra space, additional beam levels can transform your warehouse capacity.

5. Reduce congestion at inbound and outbound areas

Warehouse capacity planning isn’t just about increasing storage size. Warehouse managers and business owners know the areas where incoming products are delivered and picked goods are loaded are critical to the smooth running of operations. These spaces have high footfalls and equipment, which can be chaotic.

Rather than making these areas as small as possible, a smart way that saves time and avoids costly delays is to resize to improve the flow of goods and people. Making them run more smoothly can increase yields from your warehouse space.

Make the most of your capacity, with Rack Storage

Optimising your warehouse capacity when planning is essential to increasing productivity without the need for expansion. By getting clear on your current storage capacity, reducing aisle width, increasing vertical storage, placing your beams optimally and decreasing congestion in critical areas, you can use your space fully to improve your bottom line.

There is no one size fits all solution for warehouse space management. At Rack Storage, we’re experts at warehouse storage solutions to get the best out of your unique space.

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