Warehouse Storage Solutions to Make Your Business Run Like Clockwork

If you own, manage or work in a warehouse, you’ll be acutely aware of the importance of efficiency. When a warehouse is running smoothly, when everyone is on the same page and the organisation is at its peak, productivity increases exponentially, which means more completed jobs, which in turn means more business. In this article, the team at Rack Storage Systems are going to detail some of the ways you can improve the efficiency of your warehouse. 

Keep it clean

Regular cleaning of your warehouse not only makes the place look better, it also helps to improve organisation. No longer will your staff have to sift through discarded boxes or items to find what they’re looking for, so processes will be sped up and more tasks will be completed. Furthermore, a cleaner workplace makes for a more pleasant environment to be in, which helps to improve staff’s mood. 

Streamline your inventory

Making sure that your inventory only contains essential items and products helps cut down on sorting and picking time. It’s easier to know where everything is, which means less time is wasted looking for items. Consider asking your suppliers for smaller, more frequent deliveries rather than larger ones. Cutting down your inventory needn’t mean sacrificing any income. 

Use stackable bins

Stackable bins are an excellent way to save space without compromising on your storage capacity. Designed for the storage of small parts and components, stackable bins are available to purchase in multipacks from expert suppliers like Rack Storage Systems, and they can be used in any department in your warehouse. 

Regular training

Ensuring that your staff are fully trained is an effective way of minimising errors and maintaining a good standard of work. From training new starters to refresher courses for existing staff members, training should be regular and thorough to help your team familiarise themselves with your processes, rules and best practices.

Clear signage

From labels to overhead signs signifying each bay or aisle, clear annotation of the different areas of your warehouse will assist your staff in locating products. You can also create a floor plan and place it on a wall in the warehouse; a quick glance at it will allow personnel to know where they need to go. 

Be a little more organised in your warehouse, take the time to keep it clean and clear, and you’ll soon see the benefits. A lot of time can be lost to seemingly minor issues like a cluttered warehouse or too much inventory, so consider whether these tips can help you improve your space. 

Rack Storage Systems are proud to provide the highest quality mezzanine flooring, shelving and storage solutions for warehouses around the UK. With fast delivery, first-class customer service and high-quality products, we’re the only company you need for your storage and warehouse requirements. 

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