Warehouse Mezzanine Floors

Optimise your capacity and get the best use of your space, with warehouse mezzanine floors from Rack Storage Systems. Creating a mezzanine floor for your warehouse can effectively double the space you have available for storage and operations, by fully utilising the vertical space above your existing warehouse floor.

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Why Add a Mezzanine Floor to Your Warehouse?

There are many good business reasons to consider the addition of a mezzanine level within your warehouse or depot.  Warehouse mezzanine floors can:

  • increase your storage capacity, allowing you to stock more items at one time
  • provide a dedicated office mezzanine floor for administrative work
  • offer a place to showcase your products in a visually appealing way
  • allow you to grow your business for minimal extra costs

By adding an extra floor to your existing warehouse, you avoid the cost and inconvenience of expanding into additional premises. With careful design and planning, a new warehouse mezzanine floor could double your capacity and help you to boost sales while keeping outgoings low. 

Designing & Installing Your Warehouse Mezzanine Level

At Rack Storage Systems, we offer a full design and installation service, creating bespoke warehouse mezzanine floors to fit your specifications.

We’ll visit your warehouse to carry out a site survey, measuring the space and ensuring that your new mezzanine floor design is safe and fully compliant with all relevant safety regulations.

Fully accredited by CFA, CE and UKAS, our team are professional, friendly and efficient, ensuring minimal disruption to your operations as we install your new warehouse mezzanine.

With our design expertise, unrivalled product range and professional installation services, we have everything you need for your new warehouse mezzanine floor.

Mezzanine Products & Accessories for Your Warehouse

We stock a wide range of items for warehouse mezzanine floors. Get the best prices and fast delivery on our warehouse mezzanine systems and products.

From mezzanine flooring kits that are pre-built and ready to install, to bespoke assemblies in your warehouse, Rack Storage Systems can supply warehouse mezzanine flooring solutions to locations throughout the UK.

We stock purlins and joists to support your mezzanine floor, and other mezzanine accessories, including screws and fixings.

We can also supply custom-designed mezzanine staircases, built bespoke to fit your warehouse, and products to ensure fire safety, including fire rated suspended ceilings.

New & Second-hand Warehouse Mezzanine Floors

Get your mezzanine floor equipment new or second-hand, from Rack Storage Systems. In addition to our brand new mezzanine products, we also stock a range of affordable, high-quality used mezzanine flooring, to help you get the best value from your warehouse mezzanine floor installation.

Just contact us with your requirements and we’ll give you a quote.

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