Office Mezzanine Floors

Make the most of the space in your existing office building, with the installation of a new office mezzanine floor.

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At Rack Storage Systems we offer a full end-to-end design and installation service, with everything you need to create a mezzanine floor for an office in your existing premises. 

Our mezzanine flooring experts will help you to arrange the space within your building as efficiently as possible, allowing you to operate effectively and use the space to its full potential.

What is an Office Mezzanine Floor?

An office mezzanine floor is an elevated platform constructed within an office space to provide additional usable area without expanding the building’s footprint. Mezzanine floors are installed between the floor and ceiling levels, creating a new level within the existing space. 

Office mezzanine floors are versatile and can serve various purposes: the possibilities are endless. You could create additional workspace for new staff, or add meeting rooms, break areas, storage space or even executive private offices.

Could a Mezzanine Level Be the Right Solution for My Office?

For businesses looking for additional office space without moving into new premises, a mezzanine floor for your office could be the ideal solution. 

Office mezzanine floors offer a cost-effective solution to optimise available space within your existing location. They can help businesses to make the most of their vertical space without the need for extensive renovations or moving to a larger office.

Mezzanine floors are also relatively quick to install, compared to conventional construction projects. Some office mezzanine floors are prefabricated and designed for easy assembly, minimising disruptions to office operations.

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Office Mezzanine Floors for Every Sector and Environment

At Rack Storage Systems, we are experts in creating office mezzanine floors for industrial buildings such as warehouses. We also work with businesses in a variety of other sectors and environments:

Please contact us for a site visit, and we will explore how an office mezzanine floor can be incorporated efficiently into your premises.

Professional Office Mezzanine Design & Installation Services

If you need a bespoke office mezzanine floor, designed, delivered and installed by professionals, then the team at Rack Storage Systems are here to help. 

We can measure up your office space and create a design that will maximise the available useful space within your premises. Using CAD software we’ll design an office mezzanine floor that meets your requirements. Our mezzanine floors can be designed to fit different office layouts and can accommodate various load capacities based on the intended use.

With pre-built mezzanine floor kits, the installation process is straightforward and quick, so we’ll keep any disruption to a minimum. Our mezzanine floor team are fully accredited by CFA, CE and UKAS.

Browse Our Range of Mezzanine Floor Products for Your Office

We supply a comprehensive range of office mezzanine flooring items available. Some of our stock is available for ordering online, while for our bespoke items, we ask you to get in touch so that we can give you a quote based on your specifications.

We stock both new and second-hand mezzanine floors, and always endeavour to offer the best possible value on our high-quality products.

Browse our mezzanine floorboards, pre-built mezzanine flooring kits and mezzanine floor accessories.

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At Rack Storage Systems, we have everything you need for your office mezzanine floor. Contact us today for a quote.

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