Visplas Upright Rack Protectors


  • Cost effective pallet rack protector
  • Tough impact resistant
  • High visibility yellow
  • Energy absorbing design
  • Easily fitted and removed
  • Certified to impact loads specified in EN15512-2009
  • Made from polyethylene compounded plastic
  • Each Visiplas protector comes with 3 cable ties (which allows one spare).
  • All cable ties are quick release for ease of maintenance and inspection.

Our moulded rack protectors offer a high visibility bumper, which suits many of the leading pallet racking systems. Ideally suited for intermediate uprights with a slim profile that does not reduce the clear opening of the bay. The unique design allows the impact to be absorbed within the protector whilst having the ability to reform after impact. Each guard is quickly installed onto the face of the upright with two cable ties (an additional cable tie is supplied for every protector for maintenance).