TS Longspan Divider System


  • Price includes 2 x frames (1 x frame for extension bay), 4 x beam levels, 9 x chipboard dividers, plus all required fixings, bracings and brackets. Assembly required. Dividers are fixed height and can be postioned anywhere along th shelf.
  • Heavy duty Racking system. Store all your heavy and bulk items with ease.
  • Adaptable storage solutions. Simple to add to, as your storage needs grow.
  • Strong “Z” profile beam design. Unique beam design that offers capacities up to 1200kgs

If you need a strong, robust and versatile solution, at a competitive price – then look no further.
The unique fit between the upright and claw gives our longspan racking incredible strength and rigidity. Along with our heavy duty “Z profile” beam which ensures it will meet the most rigorous demands.
All levels come with heavy duty deck supports as standard (except 471mm deep.) This ensures the chipboard, solid steel and wire mesh shelves carry the same load as the beams. The unique deck support slots into the beam.

Remember, if your shelving’s height to depth ratio is greater than 4:1, the bay should be fixed to the floor or to the wall!