Rivet Racking With Shelf Bins


  • Includes Rivet Racking bay with 7 shelf levels and all shelf bins. (Dividers not included)
  • Integral back stop
  • Profiled sides for extra strength
  • Nestable design – space saving
  • Large labelling area
  • Semi-open fronted design
  • 7 divider positions in each bin
  • Dividers positively slot into the bin

If you need a strong, robust and versatile bin storage solution, at a competitive price – then look no further.

Our new range of Shelf Bins have been designed to offer a range of bins in “Big Sizes” for storing large parts or increased volumes. They can fit both small parts shelving systems as well as larger bays, such as Rivet or Longspan.

They have many new features, such as internal dividers that securely locate into 7 different locations. There is also an integral back stop allowing the bin to be suspended out from the shelving, for ease of picking.

With a semi-open front and a large labelling area below, ensures items can be identified quickly. The bins are available in Blue shockproof plastic and can be nested when not in use to save space.