Midspan Tyre Racking Levels


  • Complete C70 profile tyre level for Midspan Racking
  • Includes a pair of beams and safety pins.
  • Standard Midispan Tyre Racks use 400mm deep frames.
  • Heavy duty and secure.
  • Easy to build and reconfigure.
  • Beams adjust every 25mm.
  • Available in blue or galvanised uprights.
  • Galvanised beams and decking panels.

Midispan is our longspan shelving system with steel decking panels supplied in a contemporary pre-galvanised finish.

This makes it ideal for the most demanding applications and environments. The profiles are designed in such a way to ensure there are no sharp edges when assembling or in use.

The system has a wide range of profiles and sizes which provides complete flexibility when designing your warehouse. Along with a range of accessories that make it simple to store many different products as well as bespoke solutions for the automotive industry.

We offer guaranteed delivery within 5 days, including components to build a high bay or multi-tier installation from our large stocks.

* frame capacity based on on shelf levels spaced at 400mm intervals.