Extra Shelf for Wire Deck Heavy Rivet Racking


  • Best Selling system
    Offers the widest choice of sizes, all at great value
  • Easy to build and re-configure
    Simply tap together with a rubber mallet
  • Strong and sturdy
    With shelf capacities up to 600kgs, it easily copes
    with heavy goods
  • No nuts, bolts or screws
    Simple and quick to erect, with no fuss
  • Strong epoxy paint finish
    Designed to give years of service and withstand heavy use
  • Will suit any application
    Versatile and expandable, suits a wide range of industries

Heavy duty industrial racking that meets the demands of any warehouse, storeroom and workshop. Rivet Racking offers incredible value for money with amazing strength and rigidity. The quality of the materials used and robust construction ensures it will meet the rigors of the toughest workplace.

The vast range of bay sizes allows for a solution to meet your storage needs and the available space. Flexibility of wide open bays and large shelf capacities enable products of varying weights and dimensions to be easily stored within a single system.